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Our company is built on three cornerstones. Integrity, Moral & Ethics

Z ekavat Group was founded in 2014. Zekavat Group is a management consultancy company that provides services in different fields of expertise with over two decades of experience in the business.

The main reason for the chosen fields we operate in is that we wanted to build a company that is known for more than being successful and making a profit. We wanted to have a meaningful objective in what we do by embracing the future. Of course, by helping our clients to achieve their business goals, we are adding value to the society. However, we also wanted to operate in the environmental field and by doing so ensure that part of our business making the future a better place. We do that by providing services in the green and sustainable energy area.

We believe in working closely with our clients' teams to be able to develop the best possible solutions for their problems. Only the clients know their business best and for us to be successful in what we do we need to build a close relationship with the clients by listening and understanding how they operate, what they need, what the problem is, what we can do resolve it, how should it be done and what would be the best solution.

We have extensive experience working in both the public sector and the private sector, as well as different industries. We work with national, multinational and international companies in different countries and regions. Which make us flexible and adaptable to work and operate in/from different locations, onsite or/and off-site.

The foundations of the company

Strong Culture

Even the best strategies can fail but with a rock-solid culture a company can still be successful.

Right Leadership

A good leader is someone who helps the most important asset of the company, its people, to achieve their greatest potential.

Right People

Find the people who have a lot of practical business wisdom and sit at their feet to learn. As people are the heart of a business.


Lack of passion creates doubts and everyone will feel it. Passion doesn't guarantee success, but a lack of it foreshadows failure.


By being creative any business can reduce costs and time. Resourcefulness is essential for the survival of a business.

Real Problem

Many businesses fail because they try to solve a problem they think exists but only a real problem can have the right solution.